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Hi there! Oh! Don't worry, I won't hurt you.... Yet.. I'm Laney, Leader of BloodClan. And you are? Oh... Too shy to speak? Okay then. Come into the light where I can see you! Oh. I'm going to guess you are a loner? Hmm. Interesting... Well, Would you like to join me on my journey to destroy the clans from existence, making BloodClan the strongest of all, forcing them to bow down to us, or join Them On their journey to... To do whatever those kittypets do... Urgh... Make your choice before I kill you...
Laney- I am in fact the site owner, I'm happy to hear if you join the site! I hope you have fun, MAKE ROLEPLAY! I am really excited to start anew with this site! And, with my new head admin I'm sure we will be the best in the biz! :D
Luka & Friends- Hello! I'm Luka, an admin on this amazing site. I hope you join us soon! PM me or any of the admins if you need help with something. Don't know what Warriors is? Look it up, Seek what you want you may possibly find XD I hope you join us soon!

Viperstar & co. - Hi there! I’m Viperstar & co. and I’m happy to be a member and admin of this awesome site! I know Laney from wcp so I was glad to join her site ^_^. I mainly rp as Viperstar in Thunderclan if you'd care to join me. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to PM one of us. If you have any question regarding Thunderclan, please send a PM my way! Thanks, and may Starclan light your paths! *

Hi there guys! Welcome to the site! I hope you have fun and follow the rules :) This is supposed to take place after the books! Thank you so much for hangin' in there! :)
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